Why is Money such a Taboo Subject?

Money is a touchy subject for many.  Money brings up feelings of deep emotions, anxiety, shame, guilt, embarrassment, and much more when having to talk about income, expenses, and spending patterns.  Money is also seen as a measure of status and power.  By keeping money a taboo subject, we become unaware of better habits, healthier practices, and perspectives.

Here at Applied Financial Services, Inc., we would like to change the taboo on money.  We are a safe place to talk freely about money, ask questions (no question is a "dumb" question), and get real answers about where you stand financially.  By knowing exactly where you stand today, you will be able to strive to achieve your goals.

So often I hear that "I have to straighten up my books before turning them over".  Do you clean your house before the cleaners come in?   I know I have!  Your records do not have to look a certain condition for us to work with you.  I have received records in bankers boxes, shoe boxes, files, and more.  It is more common, then not, to receive records that need to be organized, categorized, and put into a coherent accounting system.  We will meet you at where you are today, if you have no system, AFS will develop one that can continue into tomorrow and into your future.

One thing that sets AFS apart from other bookkeeping services is we provide one-on-one Coaching Sessions with Roxanne Albin for sole proprietors, non-profits, business owners, and individuals.  You get continual support and have an accountability partner.  Roxanne will look at where you stand currently, what are your short and long-term goals, how you take care of yourself, what are obstacles or challenges standing in your way, and more.  Roxanne is supportive to your life, business and personal goals, needs, your time, and your dreams.

AFS is so much more than just finances.  By empowering our clients, they can move beyond the taboo of money, and focus on what they want to do with their lives.  We look at each client holistically, as a whole person, and go from there.

Do you have questions about your finances or goals?  We would love to answer any questions you may have.  To schedule a free 30-minute new potential client meeting with Roxanne Albin please visit https://calendly.com/roxannealbin