CFO-Business Consultant

Roxanne Albin President Applied Financial Services-Inc.Consultation Session
(60 or 90 minute sessions)

Follow up sessions on a weekly or monthly basis available

How can Roxanne Albin, MBA help you and your business thrive?  What challenges are you facing?  Are you in the process of pivoting your business? Do you need a thought partner that you can trust?

Roxanne Albin has years of experience helping CFOs, sole proprietors, non-profits, businesses owners, and individuals thrive. Roxanne specializes in anticipating a business and/or individual needs. She will be your accountability partner to gain confidence to get a cleaner and clearer picture.

Roxanne has assisted numerous businesses like yours with:

  • Anticipating a Business Needs
  • Accountability Partner
    homework, action steps to complete, follow-up support
  • Budgeting
    building, developing, “dream budget” preparation and obtainable action steps, allocation plans
  • Business Goals
    setup and implementation
  • Business Growth Navigation
    adding: Payroll, HR, healthcare, workers comp, personnel files, new program, new locations and/or going remote
  • Financials
    get clarity and understanding your financials
  • Sounding board
    challenges: personnel, business, or personal
  • Strategic Business Goals
  • Visioning of your companies’ growth, the organization, and costs

Consultation Session
(60 or 90 minute sessions)

Follow up sessions on a weekly or monthly basis available

Bi-Monthly Consultation Package

Two hourly consultation appointments a month with two 30 minute check in

Weekly Consultation Package

Four hourly consultation appointments a month with four 15 minute check ins

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Applied Financial Services, Inc.

Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


359 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Suite# 1
Novato, CA 94949


Office: 415-842-7635

Applied Financial Services, Inc. provides customized, personalized bookkeeping and *accounting services for for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations in Marin County, Oakland, San Francisco, Sonoma, Petaluma, Santa Rosa and beyond.

*The services we provide do not require any certifications or additional licenses