Educating, Guiding, Assisting: Support of Financial Management for Young Adults with Coaching Sessions


In 2021, Roxanne Albin of Applied Financial Services, Inc. started offering one-on-one coaching sessions to individuals, sole proprietors, non-profits, and businesses.  She had no idea how fulfilling this new service would be.

Roxanne began working with young adults whose parents wanted to provide financial support to their adult child, but not be involved in their child’s financial management, (teaching them about healthy money habits, help put their dreams in action, funding an emergency savings fund, retirement planning, budgeting, visions and goals) and guiding them through the process.  That is where Roxanne came in.

Roxanne began working both with the parents and the young adult to help them make obtainable actions to reach their goals.  During their coaching sessions, Roxanne becomes a guide through real life experiences, teaches them how to financially manage their money, and provides a safe place for them to ask questions, learn, and implement what is best for their personal situation.

This new service allows Roxanne to be your personal cheerleader for young adults, as well as helps preserve the family dynamic by being an outside specialist and support to the family.

Coaching Sessions with Roxanne Albin is so much more than just the finances. In discussions, often other issues and/or priorities arise that need to be addressed. It can be life changing in so many ways, both for the client and for Roxanne herself.

"Roxanne is not only an incredible financial expert, but she's also an incredible human being. She has been coaching me over the past several months and I've learned SO much about money, finances, and confidence through her. The leaps in growth that I've been able to take since she has come into my life are just astounding. She's supportive, so intelligent, so helpful, and so kind. Also - I love Quickbooks now (thanks to her!). I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to feel more confident and empowered both in their finances and in their life."

Megan H.

Some of the Coaching Sessions Benefits:

  • Proactively anticipate needs
  • Accountability Partner: action steps to complete (homework), follow-up support via text, phone check ins or zoom meetings, and family check ins
  • Budgeting: building, developing, “dream budget” and obtainable action steps
  • Bookkeeping: learn how to: properly record transactions, run useful reports, and track income and spending, and how to get back on track if off track
  • Financials: learn how to read and understand one’s financials
  • Safe space to discuss obstacles: personal, professional, or other.

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