What challenging times 2020 has been

Rising to Challenging Times

May you and yours be healthy!  What challenging times 2020 has been – COVID has turned us all upside down and shaken us to the core.  So many lives lost as millions have been impacted directly and indirectly from this awful virus.  A few of the questions that arise for me are: Will it ever be the same? Will we ever be able and comfortable to walk around without masks again and stop counting the social distancing feet between us?  Will I ever be able to have all my employees back at the office, at the same time, safely?  How will so many recover from this debilitating illness and the severity of the economic impact?

During this time of feeling such loss and powerlessness, I find the need to be of service  stronger than ever.  How can I help?  It is important to remember that we are all capable of doing something.  Perhaps it is reaching out to a neighbor and seeing if they need anything from the store, saying hello to someone I see on my dog walks, picking up garbage on a street, donating household items or food, reaching out to a friend in need, donating to the many struggling non-profits, checking in on seniors to see that they are okay or if they need anything, or ordering takeout from a restaurant fighting to not shut their doors for good.

Another significant challenge we’re facing in 2020 is the racial injustice and inequality.  I again find myself asking: What could I possibly do?  What impact could I possibly make?  Again, doing nothing is not an option.  There are many options of small steps forward I CAN make, even if it doesn’t feel like enough: donating to a non-profit that addresses racial disparity and injustice, making signs with children, talking about it, being kind to one another, trying to understand the sheer depth of the issue, educating myself, look at one’s own biases, speaking to friends, neighbors, employees, and colleagues, volunteering, supporting minority (people of color) businesses, and so much more.

The theme of both of these deeply impactful and painful events is to do something; take action.  There are thousands of ways we are able to be of service; be creative about it!  Whatever the case may be, for me, doing nothing is not an option.  I would love to hear ways that you are being of service, either personally or professionally.

Many blessings!
Roxanne Albin,