What a Year

I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones well!

As we see the colors of the season change (Fall 2020), it serves as a reminder to me of how much change we have undergone this year.  Never in all my life have I said “what a year” so many times.  We have all been stretched in our resilience, patience, creativity, and (hopefully) compassion in so many ways.  From COVID-19, shelter-in place, unprecedented fires that ravaged our state, having Zoom become our new social norm, schooling from home, businesses having to pivot to survive, face masks, PPP, and more.  This is one year for the record books, on multiple levels.

Although I am not a “fan” of this year, I do acknowledge that I am so fortunate to have a healthy family and loved ones.  My staff are also amazing and although we were deeply impacted by COVID-19, we have been able to make shifts and changes where we are still able to provide, solve, and partner with other businesses and individuals that are in need of our services.  I celebrate my staff, family, friends, neighbors, and community for our versatility, compassion, dedication, and strength.

As we move quickly to the end of 2020, I hope you will take time to take stock of what went well, and celebrate your successes and your resilience that you experienced before quickly looking forward to 2021.  Perhaps you had to walk through some challenging decisions in some or all of the examples above and even more.  Take time to celebrate and breathe a sigh of relief on how you have managed to maneuver and thrive, despite the challenges.

During this challenging time, I added business and financial consulting.  I am honored to be working with individuals and businesses as their trusted consultant.  I value that I am viewed as a thought partner and get to have honest and vulnerable discussions, make action plans, and help to move my clients beyond the barriers and into their vision.  It is very rewarding and transformative work that I am excited to offer and expand.

In closing, I wish you and yours a peaceful, calm, steady, and healthy transition through the rest of this year and into 2021.

Warm regards,
Roxanne Albin, MBA