Becoming A Woman-owned Business

Never in a thousand years did I think I would ever have my own business. I was always one for being employed and always working to bring the most value to where I worked. What changed? Was it that I had more confidence in my work abilities since I returned to school (Dominican University) and received my BA and then my MBA? Was it the last manager that believed in me and pushed me to grow in a career role I didn’t believe I could do (Kate)? Was it my work experiences where I could see what I liked about each job and what I dreamt that I would change? It is a combination.

I am honored to be a woman owned business here in Marin. I am an employer. That sounds so odd. I am proud of the office we share with our team of 11 now. Our environment is critical to me. It is imperative that it is inviting to our employees, clients, and even the mailpersons. What is also critical is that we are available, and that we answer the phones rather than shuffling calls around in a vortex of extensions. Why does that seem so odd today when I make a call and reach a live person? It catches me by surprise, each time.

The other work that I feel honored and extremely compelled to do as a business owner and community member and fellow human being is service. There is a vast amount of areas of service that I am interested in and that is why working with non-profits, in addition to for-profits and individuals, means so much to me. It warms my heart to have different donation campaigns at our office, collecting donations for first responders in the fury of fires that we have experienced to those that have lost their homes, to donation drives for the homeless that can carry so little and are treated like dirty objects rather than displaced fellow human beings that are very down on their luck or circumstances or struggling with untreated mental health or addiction issues. We recently did a volunteer garden project at Homeward Bound. What a fantastic team building adventure. There are endless amounts of service that we could all do and I look forward to bringing my team to do more.

As we near our 3rd Anniversary. I am very honored to work with the creative, hardworking, and wonderful staff, and the amazing clients that we have that are so dedicated and passionate about what they do (from the critical non-profits so dedicated to their missions, to the for-profit advertising agency that is taking off with a bang, to the individuals that are dedicated to clarity of their finances) it is with great pleasure that we serve you all.

Lastly, I am very compelled to have education opportunities for the community. There are so many different intersections of finances that I look forward to bringing more educational snippets to the community. I learn from each speaker as well. If there is a particular topic you would like us to have, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

I wish you all prosperity and clarity around your finances to you and yours.