Payment Protection Program

Applied Financial Services, Inc. helped over 13 businesses and sole proprietors receive over $1 million in Payment Protection Program (PPP) Loans since April 2020.

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So, your small business received a PPP Loan. Congratulations! Now that you've been able to provide for your employees, how will you tackle loan forgiveness?

That is where Applied Financial Services, Inc. comes in.  We will walk you through the PPP Loan Forgiveness application, helping you understand the qualifications, how to calculate forgiveness, create proper recordkeeping, and prepare everything you need to report to the bank and Small Business Administration (SBA).

Let Applied Financial Services, Inc. assist you now with your PPP Loan Forgiveness process.

Need Help Tracking Your PPP Funds?

 We would be happy to help and offer free 30-minute consultations.

Q&A about PPP with Roxanne

Roxanne Albin President Applied Financial Services-Inc.Q: How much of our PPP funds have to be used on payroll related expenses to be forgiven?
A: It is now set at 60% payroll related expenses and 40% operating expenses

Q: What type of expenses do operating expenses include?
A: Rent, mortgage lease, equipment lease (copier and postage), and transportation expenses

Q: If I am a business owner, but I do not have payroll expenses, can I apply?
A: Yes!

Q: Where do I apply for PPP:
A: You will need to have a business bank account to apply.   Please contact your bank to get access to the PPP application link.

Q: How long does the PPP program last?
A: The PPP program ends 8/8/20 so HURRY if you have not applied yet.

Q: Can AFS help me track my PP expenses?
A: YES. Contact me to set up a free 30-minute meeting to discuss your PPP today!

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